Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fall, Food,& Family

How does one go about saying hello after such a long time?  Hello. Phew, that's done...  So, Fall. It's my favorite time of year.  Tennessee seems to become even more pretty, more lazed, more cozy... I love it. You know what else I love even more during Fall?  Home. And food! It kind of always comes down to food, doesn't it?

Being able to visit a farm more often has expanded the whole family's food repertoire. Ocra. Who knew?! Wait! Don't stop reading! I'm telling you - Roast it in the oven! {Texture issue cured.} It's amazing. Even Twila loves it. How times change...  Speaking of time and changes, it's been awhile since Twila has made an appearance on the blog and my far-off family is starting to wonder about her.  So, here she is!  She's been taking on some new tasks.  She's helping set the table, prepare dinner, adding her two cents...about everything.  Here she is chopping garlic. Favorite part? The smashing of course.  

She also loves to wash the vegetables.  It's nice.  And now I have my own sous chef to say things like, "Chef!  How thin would you like these sliced?" or "Chef, I don't want to do this anymore.  I need a new task."  It's just like my days back in the kitchen!  Plus, did you know that taking an extra 5 minutes to dance in between tasks makes a meal taste better?  Although I don't have any science to back that up it seems true.  

If I had to tell my aunts and uncles one thing about her now it would be: She makes everything fun. {Usually.} It is great to see everyday things as new things again. New things always feel special, you know?  So now, things like chopping garlic aren't just one of the first steps in prepping a meal.  Chopping garlic becomes a lesson in how to hold a knife, experiencing a new delicious smell for the first time, thinking about the beat of chopping and relating it to a favorite song... Everything with her is. just. better.

Upon looking at some of the images I have been taking at the farm lately I decided to edit and print some out for the house. I have also been trying to use an hour here and there to get back into the Etsy shop. {Have you seen all the changes Etsy has made recently?  It's even more beautiful to look at!} Here are two of my new favorites. 

I think the kicker, the true motivator to hang these images, was this image of corn to the left. This corn is amazing. We were sent home with this heirloom variety of corn.  We were told that the seeds have been part of one family for hundreds of years; That it's a pre-Trail of Tears Cherokee popcorn! Can you believe it?  Not to get all sentimental but every time I prepare this corn I think about history, about Cherokee farmers, about how it was eaten then and how it's eaten now.  History.  It feels like something very special.  And there is another bonus: It's the best tasting popcorn I have ever had the pleasure of eating.  I could go on but won't.  Let's just leave it at I love seeing these ears of corn on the wall.  It feels like more than just corn...  I think it's a good reminder for Twila too - to think about where her food comes from, to know the history and the now, to know that people work hard to bring nourishment into her life, and to understand the journey that food and people have taken's all very interesting.

So, that's it... I brought back the blog {again} to chat about food, family, photos, Fall.  I guess i'm just feeling that same good feeling that October always seems to offer.  Until next time!

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trena said...

Being from the corn-laden state of Indiana I may just need to get myself a copy of that beautiful corn print.