Wednesday, January 04, 2012

The Happy Place

Moving doesn't feel as bad this go around...although we do the actual moving this weekend so I may change my mind then.  But something about it seems a little less intense this go-around.  It could be the place we are going to is an exciting one or perhaps it could be that I am older now and am just able to go through the motions less emotionally.  I don't know.  But that said, I can't seem to hold a thought for longer than a second.  So, while the baby slept today I decided to make something and focus.

You know that scene in The Shining, the one where Jack loses his mind while typing away...The one where you can actually see him check into Locoville?  I don't know why that scene puts a smile on my face...  Is that sick?   Anyways, feeling a bit crazy myself, albeit a good crazy, this is what I made.  And now, as I write this last line of the post, I can hear my baby singing herself awake.  So, I'm back in my happy place ready to play and pack some more.  Here's wishing you a day in your happy place.


esra said...

love what you did with these images. beautiful. I hear you about going thru the motions less emotionally. I feel the same way as I get older.
Hope you have many moments in your happy place. Good luck with the move.

bgottsab said...

How good to be in a happy place! Hope the actual moving goes well. Love the circular images, stuck right in the middle of your happy-place-typing. Very creative.

lisa said...

A happy place is a most wonderful place to be.
I am glad you are in a happy place!

Marta said...

Hope you have a hapoy 2012 too!
Enjoy your new place; I'm sure it'll be filled with plenty of good memories!